Real estate is generally regarded a safe investment that retains its value.

  • It is protection against inflation and frequently offers tax benefits.
  • It is a sensible alternative to money in savings accounts, which are hardly worth the effort with the current low interest rates.
  • It offers greater security than shares or bonds, which react much more volatilely to fluctuations on the financial markets.
  • Buy for personal use: you only pay the maintenance costs once you have paid off the apartment and are more flexible when it comes to designing your own home.


Make the most of the benefits offered by Cologne:

  • Cologne is home to global companies such as Ford, Bayer and REWE
  • Wide range of recreational and cultural offerings
  • The population is expected to grow by around 55,000 persons by the year 2040 –which will lead to a higher demand for living space.
  • More than 6,000 new apartments will be needed every year*
  • Ehrenfeld is one of Cologne’s most popular neighbourhoods: the continued positive development of the district is foreseeable, along with rising rents and purchase prices.
  • Very good infrastructure and transport links thanks to railways and the airport
  • Very secure rental income
  • * Source: Handelsblatt July 2020


PANDION offers the following advantages as a partner for capital investments:

  • High quality
  • Commission-free sale
  • Project development, construction and management from one source
  • High-quality fittings and construction materials
  • More than 18 years of experience in the development, construction and sale of high-class residential properties
  • We are your direct contact for everything to do with PANDION NEUN FREUNDE


PANDION NEUN FREUNDE scores well when it comes to the decisive factors for purchasing real estate:

  • very good location
  • high demand in and around Cologne
  • an attractive purchase price

These are excellent overall conditions that offer a good opportunity for an investment in connection with the current favourable financing terms!

Exemplary calculation for your investment

Buy a freehold apartment as a capital investment

Exemplary calculation | 2 rooms | 48.25 m²
Purchase price for the apartment 322.900,00€
Notary and court fees (approx. 1.5%) 4.843,50€
Land transfer tax (6.5%) 20.988,50€
Construction phase loan (1%)* 3.487,32€
Total costs 352.219,32€
Own funds 10% 35.221,93€
External funds KfW loan** 100.000,00€
External funds mortgage loan 216.997,39€
Annual rent (48.25 m² á € 17.78 m²/month x 12) 10.294,62€
Annual interest (1.00% of € 216.997,39) 2.169,97€
Annual interest (0.75% of € 100,000.00) 750,00€
Administrative costs p.a. (€ 31/month x 12) 372,00€
Reserve for renewals and replacements p.a. (€ 0.30/month x 12 x 48.25) 173,70€
Debit balance for amortisation p.a. 6.828,95€
Debit balance after amortisation p.a. (initially 3% of the bank loan)*** 319,02€

* The costs of the construction phase loan depend on the terms of the loan agreement and the length of the construction period
** Energy efficiency program "KfW-55"
*** No instalments are due on the KfW loan in the first 2 years of its term.
This is only an exemplary calculation. None of the income or terms of the loan are guaranteed.
A tax consultant should be consulted to clarify the personal fiscal consequences. The aforementioned information does not constitute an investment advisory service. It serves only to prepare for a decision on an investment.

Cologne, 10.07.2020


PANDION is an owner-managed real-estate company with its head office in Cologne We have been involved in developing, building and selling up-market residential, commercial and hotel properties since 2002. Apart from building projects at our home base, we also realise projects in Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Mainz, Munich and Stuttgart. With 4,900 apartments being planned and built as well as ten larger commercial units, we are one of the top ten property developers in Germany. Our sales volume totals 4.5 billion euros, 2.6 billion of which is in housing. PANDION employs a total of 180 people in Cologne, Munich, Berlin and Stuttgart.


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