The city of good neighbourhoods

Hardly any other city is “lived”, and loved, by its residents as much as Cologne. And anyone who has visited quickly understands why: there are a multitude of reasons to take a shine to the most beautiful city on the Rhine. Media, modern and mediaeval architecture, art, Kölsch and carnival – they are all part of Cologne. Some people say you have to experience Cologne to understand it. We believe that you don’t have to understand Cologne to love it.


Feel the creativity every day

Cologne’s Ehrenfeld district stands for a vibrant creative scene, numerous recreational facilities and a number of interesting restaurants. Experience the sense of community that is so typical for Cologne and enjoy your own personal comfort and privacy at the same time. You will be tempted to give up your car, or at least leave it in the underground garage of PANDION NEUN FREUNDE more often. Because everything that is of any importance in Cologne can be reached easily on foot, on a bike or very simply with public transport.


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